3 Amazing Honeymoon Registries To Consider


Gone are the days where wedding registries used to be all about setting up the couple’s new home. In the 21st century, gifting kitchen supplies for couples who may already be living together is pretty redundant, and not a little frustrating for the guests.

The advent of the internet has provided an option for young couples to register for their heart’s desire. One of the up and coming types of wedding registries is the honeymoon registry. This option allows couples to ask guests for help to fund their once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Even though it was once a taboo to ask for gifts in form of cash, the honeymoon registry has made this more acceptable. It’s much more convenient on the gift givers and it fulfills the true wishes of the newlyweds.

Are you looking to create the perfect wedding registry and accurately get what you wish for? Here are the three popular honeymoon registries for you to consider.


Zola Header
Zola has become a popular choice for couples who are looking forward to a variety of gifts. The most amazing thing about Zola is that it offers a wide range of goods, in different categories and from different brands. Their products are not limited to just one brand. Their registry’s funds section includes cash and honeymoon options. Cash fund allows guests to buy a cash fund contribution as part of your honeymoon. This may be anything ranging from traveling airfare to other items. The payment is processed by Zola then directly deposited to your bank account. However, remember that you or your guests have to pay a 2.65% credit card processing fee. Zola has reinvented how guests buy, ship and share wedding gifts. Couples can personalize their wedding registry, making it a fun process for everyone.

Traveler’s Joy

Traveler's Joy header
Being the oldest and the most established online registry in the world, Traveler’s Joy has become a favorite to most couples. No matter what you want as a gift for your honeymoon, Traveler’s Joy makes it incredibly easy for you to add what you want to your wedding registry. You can register just about anything, there are no limitations. If you don’t know what to do or where to go, Traveler’s Joy offers an option where you can browse informative and interesting honeymoon registries from other couples available on this site.


Honey Fund header
This site was created expressly for raising money for wedding related activities. In addition to contributing for your dream honeymoon, Honeyfund also allows guests to contribute funds for things such as buying a new house, kitchen or bathroom renovations among other things. Unlike some sites like Zola, Honeyfund allows guests to offer their gifts online, where they won’t be faced with processing fees. Also, Honeyfund can process the guests’ transactions through PayPal (2.8% + $0.30) or WePay (2.8% + $0.30/transaction).

Don’t be afraid to think out of the box when it comes to your wedding registry. The beauty of having your gift registry online is that you have the freedom to include a range of gifts, from travel vouchers for your honeymoon, gift vouchers for your favorite store to a variety of individual gifts and it’s all online! By having a variety of items for guests to choose from ensures that they are happy with what they’re giving you. For those guests that are happy to give cash, a gift voucher is a great option. And for those guests who would like to physically bring a gift to your wedding, they may choose one of the many gift options you have also included in your online registry.

Tips For Creating a Perfect Honeymoon Registry


Receiving wedding gifts is a lot more fun especially if the gifts are of your choice. Creating a wedding registry helps your guests to choose a gift that you’ll love and enjoy. Most people find it difficult to choose a gift for a couple, worrying about whether they will need it, whether it’s nice enough or whether they will love it. You can make things easier for your guests by creating a wedding registry. That being said, creating a wedding registry online has become more and more popular. Why? Because it offers a wide range of options as gifts, be it cash for one of your favorite honeymoon destinations, vouchers or any other items.

Have a Reasonable Budget

Set a honeymoon budget you can afford. Don’t expect your guests to pay for everything concerning your honeymoon. Remember, expectations always hurt. Setting a realistic budget is very important because if the guests won’t contribute as much as you expected, you will still be able to afford the honeymoon. Also, the guests have already dug deep into their pockets to buy an amazing gift. Don’t expect them to still pay for any service fees. Take it upon yourself to make sure that the service fees are paid for or even have the fees deducted from the gift itself (particularly if the gift is in form of cash).

Read The Fine Print

The next tip is that you need to check for any fees and read the fine print for huge service charges. There are some online wedding registry sites that have come up just with the aim of scamming people. Do your research to ensure that everything is done a clear and transparent manner.

How To Approach Your Guests

Ask for monetary gifts politely. If you have everything you need to start your life with your spouse, you may consider asking for cash gifts. However, do it in a respectable and polite. If there are guests who are hesitant about sending you a gift in form of cash, don’t take it personal. Also, don’t wait until the last minute to create a wedding registry. Create it early so that your guests know exactly and prepare well for what to get you as a gift.

Online Wedding Registry Sites You May Want To Consider


Wanderable offers one of the better registry experiences. You start by choosing your honeymoon destination, from the various locations you have been considering. If you did not have an idea of where to go, there website can serve as a perfect tool.

After choosing your desired destination, you may choose from one of Wanderable’s many collections, or just add from the list of experiences. What makes this site an amazing choice is that offers exclusive experiences available at each location.

Wanderable also has highly rated merchants and if you choose to book with their suggested merchant, you will not need to pay any fees. For cash gifts, the money is directly deposited to your bank account or as mailed check, with a 2.5% credit card processing fee.

Honeymoon Wishes

Having partnered with 800 hotels and cruise lines, Honeymoon Wishes offers a more direct way of getting funds to your honeymoon experiences. This is the only registry site with an option of having gifts directly sent to your destination. This is a very convenient option for both you and your guests.

Honeymoon Wishes has a 7% service fee and a 2.65% credit card processing for guests, which are inexpensive as compared to the services they offer. They also have free wedding planning tools which you can take advantage of.

Have you started the wedding planning process? Are you wishing for gifts that will reflect your biggest dreams and deepest passions? Consider the above wedding registry sites and celebrate your big day with gifts that will bring you joy and wonderful memories.

Napa Valley Honeymoons

The Napa Valley

Enjoy the beauty of the rolling hills covered in vineyards and olive groves. Although the Napa Valley are not often thought of as a popular honeymoon travel destination its reputation is changing fast.

You can research and book the most popular sights, wine tours and activities or stay at the secluded, indulgent and luxuriously romantic Auberge du Soleil where you can soak in a giant tub with complimentary wine and have the use of the exclusive spa. Have couple massages after a hard day visiting wineries and tasting your favorite wines. Eat gorgeous meals at restaurants known world wide for their cuisine and wine selection. And, take a hot air balloon ride over the valleys to soak it all in.

Honeymooning in the Napa Valley

The in the language of the Indians who first inhabited the valley, “Napa” meant a land of plenty. Today, the Napa Valley is home to almost 400 wineries. Some of the worlds best growers and vintners combine cutting-edge science with traditional techniques, and its reputation for producing world-class wines is firmly established in an ever-growing global market.

Napa Valley Programs and Events

Napa Valley Map

1. Napa Valley Programs & Events

Napa Valley Tours Exploring Napa is easy with the various tours, picnic lunches, and cellar door winery stops that we have to offer.
Why not a spectacular seaplane ride floating above Napa Valley’s beautiful estates and vineyards? Did you know that vineyars open their cellar doors to winelovers each day. Experience a full day of wine tasting without having to drive with the Napa Wine Shuttle? There are a ton of things to do in Napa and we can help create your perfect honeymoon.

2. Lodging

Auberge du Soleil Terraced down the hillside with views of the Napa Valley, all accommodations at Auberge du Soleil feature Mediterranean-inspired décor with original contemporary art. All guest rooms, suites and maisons feature Italian linens, down bedding and duvets, Auberge du Soleil’s custom-made bath amenities, plush robes and slippers and private outdoor terraces for relaxing or dining. Accommodations also include plasma TV, DVD, CD and stereos, mini-bars stocked with complimentary beverages and snacks, espresso machines and toasters, wall safes, voicemail, data ports, turn-down service, welcome amenity and fresh fruit replenished daily.

3. Wineries

Napa Valley Green Land
Napa Valley’s Forward Thinking Land Certification Program: Napa Green Certified Land is a voluntary program for Napa Valley vintners, grape growers and other agricultural land owners that enhances the watershed and restores habitat with sustainable agriculture practices. Goals and Objectives

  1. Ensure compliance with all local, state and federal environmental regulations including the Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, California Department of Fish and Game Code, and County Conservation Regulations.
  2. Implement Beneficial Management Practices and promote sustainable agriculture and ecosystems.
  3. Improve water quality and aquatic habitat.
  4. Implement restoration and soil erosion control projects.
  5. Expand community awareness of responsible management practices by grape growers.

4. Napa Valley Map

Eco-Friendly Honeymoon Travel

What is Eco-Friendly Travel?

Eco Friendly travel (ecotravel) is tourism that promotes a sustainable environment. By its nature, travel can be both an opportunity for people to experience the environment they live in but at the same time is a threat to it. Ecotourism can help the environment while providing income to local people and, by its reliance on healthy ecosystems, offer a powerful incentive to conserve and protect biodiversity.

Where are the best Eco-Friendly travel destinations?

There exists ecotourism projects that help forge links between human welfare and the protection of biodiversity, in such critical environmental hotspots such as the Upper Guinean Forest in Ghana Madidi, Costa Rica rainforest, the research support program in Belize, the National Park in Bolivia, and the Maya Biosphere Reserve in the Petén Region in Guatemala and many others.

How can I help the environment and take my honeymoon at the same time?

You can plan your honeymoon travel in natural disaster areas and partake in some of the reconstruction efforts, or in endangered natural areas help with the protection efforts. This helps in a more that one way: first it helps the local tourism by the dollars you spend in the area, and second, your volunteer efforts help directly in the reconstruction efforts or help conserve and protect the endangered natural areas biodiversity.

Ideas along these lines includes:

  • Honeymoons in Costa Rica can help in the rebuilding of the island after the 2017 hurricane season.  The photo above is from The Springs Villa at Nayara Springs Resort.
  • Thailand where you can volunteer to help Tsunami effected areas on such as cleaning, painting, construction and all other activities required beach clean up – along remote areas.
  • Honeymoons in Costa Rica participating in various research programs, analyzing and collecting the data and working on environmental education and community projects.
Couple at Tabacon Spa Hotel in La Fortuna, Costa Rica.

Carbon Offset services:

Did you know that a single flight from New York to London uses as much carbon as a fully-grown tree can absorb in one full year per person on the flight. See how you can take responsibility for your role in our environment: each time you fly, plant a tree to help the environment absorb the carbon the flight has emitted into the atmosphere. There are businesses and websites that allow you to purchase a planting of a new tree; you can also do this yourself each time you fly.

There exist a growing number of groups offering “carbon offset” services; most of these are UK based operations. These include:

Climate Care – http://www.co2.org
Carbon Fund – http://www.carbonfund.org
Sustainable Travel International – http://www.sustainabletravelinternational.org
CO2Balance – http://www.co2balance.com
Future Forests – http://www.futureforests.com/index.asp

There also exist a variety of smaller, ad hoc efforts.

Wedding couples can pay these organizations to undertake a carbon dioxide mitigation effort by typically, planting trees in an amount sufficient to offset the CO2 produced by a given activity.

The prices one pays vary considerably:
Future Forests charges £30 (about $60) for the three trees required to offset a an honeymoon flight from Dallas to London and back;
Sustainable Travel International charges $60, as well;
CO2Balance charges £24 (~$48); and Climate Care, although it gave the highest estimate for amount of CO2 produced only charges for £15.67 (~$31).

For further information:

United Nations Environment Program – Tourism Program: www.uneptie.org/pc/tourism