3 Amazing Honeymoon Registries To Consider

Gone are the days where wedding registries used to be all about setting up the couple’s new home. In the 21st century, gifting kitchen supplies for couples who may already be living together is pretty redundant, and not a little frustrating for the guests.

The advent of the internet has provided an option for young couples to register for their heart’s desire. One of the up and coming types of wedding registries is the honeymoon registry. This option allows couples to ask guests for help to fund their once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Even though it was once a taboo to ask for gifts in form of cash, the honeymoon registry has made this more acceptable. It’s much more convenient on the gift givers and it fulfills the true wishes of the newlyweds.

Are you looking to create the perfect wedding registry and accurately get what you wish for? Here are the three popular honeymoon registries for you to consider.


Zola Header
Zola has become a popular choice for couples who are looking forward to a variety of gifts. The most amazing thing about Zola is that it offers a wide range of goods, in different categories and from different brands. Their products are not limited to just one brand. Their registry’s funds section includes cash and honeymoon options. Cash fund allows guests to buy a cash fund contribution as part of your honeymoon. This may be anything ranging from traveling airfare to other items. The payment is processed by Zola then directly deposited to your bank account. However, remember that you or your guests have to pay a 2.65% credit card processing fee. Zola has reinvented how guests buy, ship and share wedding gifts. Couples can personalize their wedding registry, making it a fun process for everyone.

Traveler’s Joy

Traveler's Joy header
Being the oldest and the most established online registry in the world, Traveler’s Joy has become a favorite to most couples. No matter what you want as a gift for your honeymoon, Traveler’s Joy makes it incredibly easy for you to add what you want to your wedding registry. You can register just about anything, there are no limitations. If you don’t know what to do or where to go, Traveler’s Joy offers an option where you can browse informative and interesting honeymoon registries from other couples available on this site.


Honey Fund header
This site was created expressly for raising money for wedding related activities. In addition to contributing for your dream honeymoon, Honeyfund also allows guests to contribute funds for things such as buying a new house, kitchen or bathroom renovations among other things. Unlike some sites like Zola, Honeyfund allows guests to offer their gifts online, where they won’t be faced with processing fees. Also, Honeyfund can process the guests’ transactions through PayPal (2.8% + $0.30) or WePay (2.8% + $0.30/transaction).

Don’t be afraid to think out of the box when it comes to your wedding registry. The beauty of having your gift registry online is that you have the freedom to include a range of gifts, from travel vouchers for your honeymoon, gift vouchers for your favorite store to a variety of individual gifts and it’s all online! By having a variety of items for guests to choose from ensures that they are happy with what they’re giving you. For those guests that are happy to give cash, a gift voucher is a great option. And for those guests who would like to physically bring a gift to your wedding, they may choose one of the many gift options you have also included in your online registry.