Tips For Creating a Perfect Honeymoon Registry

Receiving wedding gifts is a lot more fun especially if the gifts are of your choice. Creating a wedding registry helps your guests to choose a gift that you’ll love and enjoy. Most people find it difficult to choose a gift for a couple, worrying about whether they will need it, whether it’s nice enough or whether they will love it. You can make things easier for your guests by creating a wedding registry. That being said, creating a wedding registry online has become more and more popular. Why? Because it offers a wide range of options as gifts, be it cash for one of your favorite honeymoon destinations, vouchers or any other items.

Have a Reasonable Budget

Set a honeymoon budget you can afford. Don’t expect your guests to pay for everything concerning your honeymoon. Remember, expectations always hurt. Setting a realistic budget is very important because if the guests won’t contribute as much as you expected, you will still be able to afford the honeymoon. Also, the guests have already dug deep into their pockets to buy an amazing gift. Don’t expect them to still pay for any service fees. Take it upon yourself to make sure that the service fees are paid for or even have the fees deducted from the gift itself (particularly if the gift is in form of cash).

Read The Fine Print

The next tip is that you need to check for any fees and read the fine print for huge service charges. There are some online wedding registry sites that have come up just with the aim of scamming people. Do your research to ensure that everything is done a clear and transparent manner.

How To Approach Your Guests

Ask for monetary gifts politely. If you have everything you need to start your life with your spouse, you may consider asking for cash gifts. However, do it in a respectable and polite. If there are guests who are hesitant about sending you a gift in form of cash, don’t take it personal. Also, don’t wait until the last minute to create a wedding registry. Create it early so that your guests know exactly and prepare well for what to get you as a gift.

Online Wedding Registry Sites You May Want To Consider


Wanderable offers one of the better registry experiences. You start by choosing your honeymoon destination, from the various locations you have been considering. If you did not have an idea of where to go, there website can serve as a perfect tool.

After choosing your desired destination, you may choose from one of Wanderable’s many collections, or just add from the list of experiences. What makes this site an amazing choice is that offers exclusive experiences available at each location.

Wanderable also has highly rated merchants and if you choose to book with their suggested merchant, you will not need to pay any fees. For cash gifts, the money is directly deposited to your bank account or as mailed check, with a 2.5% credit card processing fee.

Honeymoon Wishes

Having partnered with 800 hotels and cruise lines, Honeymoon Wishes offers a more direct way of getting funds to your honeymoon experiences. This is the only registry site with an option of having gifts directly sent to your destination. This is a very convenient option for both you and your guests.

Honeymoon Wishes has a 7% service fee and a 2.65% credit card processing for guests, which are inexpensive as compared to the services they offer. They also have free wedding planning tools which you can take advantage of.

Have you started the wedding planning process? Are you wishing for gifts that will reflect your biggest dreams and deepest passions? Consider the above wedding registry sites and celebrate your big day with gifts that will bring you joy and wonderful memories.